Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Break Bad Eating Habits - True Story of My Stuggle

Bad Eating Habits

It is really hard changing bad eating habits. I know from my own experiences that the struggles to deal with cravings can be overwhelming. Please watch this video to understand how hard it was for me to change how I eat. Knowing how to change bad eating habits will make the difference between success and failure! So you can either eat right and lose weight and keep it off or gain it all back when you fail your diet!

How to Break Bad Eating Habits

There are several tips I will give you to help you change bad eating habits and get your butt eating a lot healthier. If you have other tips that the rest of us could you please list them in the comments section. After all, we all are in this together!
  1. Drink water - Drinking a lot of water will really help with the cravings. Plus, drinking water to lose weight will also help fill you up so you don't eat as much and this will help you moderate how much you eat.
  2. Snack on Fresh Fruit and Veggies - Changing what you snack on will make a huge difference in how you lose weight and how you keep it off. Changing your snack food to carrots broccoli or bananas or any other fruit and vegetable will be hard to get used too. However, if you stick with it in time you will change your bad eating habits to healthy ones and then you will be so used to eating healthy that it becomes a life style change and a good habit. This is how you break bad eating habits for good! Yes you will have your days where you fall off the wagon, but hey don't be hard on yourself after all you are human!
  3. Watch what you buy at the store - That's right just like I talk about in the video, look at what you have put in the cart before you get in the check out lane! You will be surprised on how much crap you put in the cart to buy and most of the time you might have grabbed a certain junk food just by habit. So put that crap back on the shelf.
  4. Start drinking green smoothies - Why drink green smoothies you ask? Well a lot of are cravings are caused because we are low on a certain vitamin or mineral in our body and that can cause us to crave fatty foods or sugary foods. Its kinda like being dehydrated and the symptom of that is hunger. Green Smoothies will help give your body a vitamin and mineral boost because they are jam packed will all kinds of goodness. Plus they are filling will little calories!

This is why I am not on any fad diet, because if you do not change your bad eating habits and start eating right you will gain it all back and the cycle and frustration will start all over again!
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