Monday, October 22, 2012

Health Benefits to Drinking Hot Lemon Water and Cold Lemon Water to Lose Weight

Oh my gosh people, there were some unexpected results after I made that video about drinking hot lemon water video and cold lemon water video! I felt so good the next day I felt I needed to make a second video to let you know! So, please check that out and I will have it posted on this post.

In this post I will also go into detail about health benefits and weight loss possibilities of drinking cold and hot lemon water so please check it out.

So what are the health benefits to drinking lemon water?

OK, I first want to talk about eating lemon peel. Yes I know that most of you won't even do or try this. However, if you do eat the lemon peel only eat small amounts a day. Like half the rind from one lemon wedge that you put in your hot lemon water. You do not and should not eat a lot of this!

When I made that video above here it was the first time I ever ate Lemon peels. Well, because I kept screwing up the video I had to remake it about 10 times and I ended up eating more than one whole lemon. To be completely honest I have had to pass a bowel movement every other hour for the last 2 days after eating that much. So, please only eat it in small amounts.

Health benefits to eating lemon rind - If you eat small amounts of lemon peels daily you can improve your food digestion, immune system, increase your blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

Lemon peels have powerful limonene, flavonoids, and rutin in the peel.
  • Limonene has been used to naturally detoxification of the liver and help fight cancer!
  • Flavonoids have these health properties - Anti-allergic, Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-viral. Flavonoids have been studied and have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Rutin, recent studies on rutin have found that it could prevent blood clots and reduce the chances of stroke and heart attacks. Rutin is also an antioxidant.
With all that said eating the lemon peel is totally up to you. I personally will continue doing this in small amounts daily when I drink my hot water with lemon.


OK, just to let you know that I did have some light stomach cramps after I ate that much lemon peels. Like I say above to much of a good thing can be bad!

So What are the health benefit to drinking hot lemon water and drinking cold lemon water?

Give your immune system a boost - Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds and the flu. If you add lemon to hot water with a little honey it is also great for sore throats. They're high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium also helps control blood pressure.

Lemon helps balance your PH levels - If you drink lemon water everyday and you'll reduce your body’s overall acidity. Lemon is high in citric acid outside the body. However, when you eat it and it metabolizes it becomes alkaline.

Lemon water helps you lose weight - Lemons are high in pectin fiber, this will help fight hunger cravings naturally. It also has been shown that people who maintain a more alkaline diet lose weight faster. Plus, if you drink 2 or 3 eight ounce glasses of water before every meal you will fill yourself up and will eat less. This is great if you are like me and don't know when to stop eating. So, please read Benefits of Drinking Water to lose weight.

Drinking lemon water daily will help aid in digestion - Drinking warm lemon water or hot lemon water will help you flush out your digestion system. When your digestion system is working better it will help reduce heartburn and constipation.

Clear smooth skin - Drinking lemon water on a regular bassist will help reduce wrinkles and blemishes. Lemon water has antioxidants that help keep your skin looking young and smooth. You can also rub lemons on scars to help heal them.

I personally started drinking hot lemon water in the morning before my coffee if I even have any. I will also drink hot lemon water in the evening sometimes but not every night. As you see in the first video I make up a bunch of lemon water and put that in the fridge and drink that all day long.

Even if it doesn't help me as much as I think it does, it is still work the vitamin C and it makes my water taste really good.

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