Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Exotic Brazilian Green Smoothie by my Buddy Green Regimen

Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you to my buddy Green Regimen. He is a awesome guy promoting good heath and teaching people about the benefits of drinking green smoothies.

Green Regimen is not just a talker, he actually walks the walk and lives what he preaches! What is really cool is that Ty,(Green Regimen) travels to exotic places and meets great people and also makes green
smoothies with local fresh fruit that we might not have tried here in the states!

Another great green Smoothie from my buddy Green Regimen

"Garota de Ipanema" Smoothie

We've traveled all over the world to find you a fruit like the one in this recipe. The Pinha, also known as the Sugar Apple, is simply INCREDIBLE.
Ask around in your local grocery store or market and perhaps you will be able to find a similar version. Or just come out to Brazil and you can have as many as you desire.


Ingredients for this awesome green smoothie!
1 cup Soy Milk

Please do not forget to check out Green Regimen

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