Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Lose Weight Fast and Keep the Weight Off

How to Lose Weight Fast

I bet if your trying to lose weight the first thing you asked yourself is how to lose weight fast? It is very common for us all to just want to lose the weight and get it over with. We know that dieting and weight loss is a pain in the butt and often is met with failure.

One of the most common problems is that we do lose the weight and after you reach your goal it all comes back and in most cases you gain a little more than when you started. That's happens most of the time do to bad diet habits or fad diets or taking diet pills or supplements.

Most of us do not have a clue on how to lose weight fast and keep it off or just lose weight. I know this has been a struggle for me. But I have come up with a plan and I really believe this will help me lose weight but also do it in a healthy way. Oh, by the way, most of this advice comes from personal experience and not me just shooting off my mouth.

Before I get into this I must tell you what healthy weight loss res. Your target weight loss should be about 1 to 2 pounds a week. You can have weeks of 3 pounds a week on some weeks but that is odd. Yes I know this does not sound like much but if you add it up it could be 4 to 8 pounds a month maybe a little more and if you keep adding the numbers in 10 months it would be 40 to 80 pounds. Doesn't that seem awesome! I think it does because over the past year I basically have not lost anything. I am changing my weight loss plan as today on Tuesday, May 06, 2014.

How to lose weight fast?
So, what am I going to do? First off I am going back to basics, I sat down the other day and I was thinking of back when I was in Basic training in the air force. Now back then I will admit I was in great shape and I had no weight loss problems. However, there were many guys that were over weight and before they could graduate they must meet all weight requirements or be held back or worse they would get discharged.

Now you might think that these men were placed on a special diet! However you would be wrong. So how did they lose weight fast and keep it off so they could graduate?

One key thing they did was drink 3 eight ounce glasses of water before every meal. But it was more than that since we were a squad we all had to do this and not just sip and drink it with out meal. No, we all got in the chow line and we all had to grab 3 glasses of water each and we stood around the table and then we had to slam all 3 glasses down. No one I repeat no one was aloud to eat anything until all of our water was gone.

How does this help you lose weigh?
  1. Okay, the first thing this does is that it helps fill your belly so you can not over eat.
  2. It helps with hydration, did you know that if your slightly dehydrated the first thing to happen is the feeling of hunger.
  3. It also helps with acne and it clears up your skin.
  4. Drinking water will also help flush sodium out of your body and keep you from carrying extra water weight.
  5. It will also help digest your food and help you have regular bowel movements.
  6. I almost forgot when you do this in the morning before your breakfast it actually wakes up your digestion system and gets it ready to work.
Now is this my weight loss plan?

This is only part of it. Next lets talk about eating. I will admit that I have a huge problem with skipping breakfast and just drinking coffee. I have also been known to just eat one meal a day and when I do eat I over eat. Some of you might have done this. Well this is a very bad thing to do and it will actually make you gain weight.

My Weight Loss diet
  • Breakfast: From now on I will be eating a serving size of oatmeal with a banana sliced up on top and I might mix it up and add other fruit depending on what I have in the house. Some days I will eat a hard boiled egg with fruit or maybe a bowl of cereal. Anything healthy is OK, the main thing is that before you eat this meal you slam all 3 glasses of water first and then eat.
  • Between Meal Snacks: I really hope that if you don't do this that you will start. Start eating a small snack between lunch and dinner. Just a simple banana or apple or carrot sticks or anything raw. I love munching on broccoli and cauliflower for my snacks. This helps give you energy and keeps your body burning calories through out the day. You don't need 3 glasses of water for the snacks but it would be smart to have at least 1 before you snack. Note: Try not to eat chips even if its suppose to be low calorie and healthy chips! The reason why, is because your trying to change the way you eat and get away from chips and other food that temps you.
  • Lunch: I will eat anything I like, yes this sounds odd but I will drink my 3 glasses of water first before I get my meal. I notice when you do this you don't feel that hungry and when you get the portion to eat you will get a smaller portion and you may not be able to finish that.
  • Dinner: When you go to eat dinner you do the same as lunch. Drink your water and then eat your meal and please don't forget to slam that water before you take your first bite!
  • Late night snacking: This does happen however you should continue snacking just like your between meal snacks. Something healthy like fruit or raw veggies.
I want to make this clear, this will not be easy and you will not want to slam all 3 glasses after a day or 2. But we had to do it in basic training and we all survived so stick to it!

How should you eat your food?
Yes this is important, You need to eat slowly and chew your food. The longer you chew your food and the more you chew will help slow down how fast you eat your food. This will help the body digest the food and get the nutrients out of the food. But more importantly it will help you lose weight. It takes about 20 minutes for your belly to tell your brain, hey stupid your full so stop eating! If you chew your food and slow your eating down you wont be able to eat as much!

Stop eating when your full, I know a lot of us were brought up on the fact we must clean our plate before we leave the table! Screw that, if you want to lose weight then when your full you stop! Do not stuff yourself anymore. You are not a turkey getting ready for the holiday!

If drinking plane water suck then go ahead and drink lemon water. I love lemon water it makes it taste clean and crisp and it will help aid in weight loss.

Fitness: Lets not forget to exercise!
Eating healthy and losing weight is very possible. However, if you have been over weight for a while you might have noticed that even the simplest activity can leave you winded. Well I recommend that you workout either by walking, running, jogging or even bike riding. Something to get that heart beating and get you breathing heavy. By doing this it will help tone you up and it will help you have a lot more energy. This will also help speed up the metabolism and help burn even more fat.

Please don't hurt yourself and do whatever it is you can do. Anything is better than nothing!

My Buddy Justin Glenn from Shapingyourself.com says:
Awesome article and cool ideas.

Never underestimate the power of going for a walk!  Both mentally and physically it has many benefits.  House chores can also be a great way to increase your heart rate. Many people slowly go through their chores, but if you speed up the processes a bit you can get a workout in, get your chores completed, and be finished EARLY!  That's what I call a win, win, win situation.
Thanks for the support Justin! check him out!
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